3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.2 & Vol.1 on iBooks Store

“3D PHOTO JAPAN” is a stereoscopic 3-D photo series iBooks for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. All photos in these iBooks are in anaglyph 3-D for Red-Cyan glasses. You can get the free samples and buy them at the iBooks store links below.

3D PHOTO JAPAN は、中身の写真が全て3D写真という電子書籍(iBooks)です。複数の写真家の作品を掲載し雑誌的に構成されています。日本語版は iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macで鑑賞できます。サンプル版のダウンロードならびに購読は下記 iBooks Store のリンクからどうぞ。

なお、鑑賞には赤青メガネが必要です。お手持ちでない方は STEREOeYe にて購入できます。

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Where to get your 3D glasses / 3Dメガネの入手先

JAPAN (日本国内) :  STEREOeYeオンラインショップ
USA :  American Paper Optics
UK :  3D Images Ltd.
UK :  Assistpoint


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[PR] 3D-360 Video / 立体視360度パノラマ映像撮影サービス

サンプル映像は こちらのYouTube LIST でご覧いただけます。
仕様・価格など、詳細はこちら を参照ください。

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3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.2 ‘HUMOR & FUN’ – English edition and Japanese edition are now available on the iBooks store for iPad and Macintosh.

English : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/3d-photo-japan-vol.2-english/id777563151
Japanese : https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/3d-photo-japan-vol.2-ri-ben/id778427069


Contents (all photos are in anaglyph 3D)

Special Feature ‘HUMOR & FUN’
Stereoscopic Artist
Nagasaki Saruku
3D Sweets
On the Road in Foreign Lands
Macro Go,Go,Go!
Technical Note – SDM part2
What’s going on?
Tafel Anaglyph

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‘3D Photo Japan Vol.2’ will be issued soon.

‘3D Photo Japan Vol.2’, it is the final stage in the editorial process and it will be issued soon! The special feature is ‘Humor & Fun’.


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Mt.Fuji become a World Heritage site

The highest peak in Japan, our iconic mountain, Mt. Fuji has been decided to be a World Heritage site by UNESCO today.


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See you at the ISU congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia

ISU congress will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia next August. We will go to there with our FREE 3D postcards and anaglyph glasses to promote our eBook. See you there.


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