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'3D PHOTO JAPAN' is a stereoscopic 3D photo series ebook from Japan.

3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.1 – 日本語版 発売開始いたしました。

3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.1 – 特集「日本」、日本語版を iBooks ストアで本日発売開始いたしました。日本語版はEPUB形式で、iPadまたはiPhone にてご鑑賞頂けます。

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3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.1 – English edition is now available

3D PHOTO JAPAN Vol.1 – Japan issue, English edition is now available on the iBooks store for iPad.

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Hello from 3D PHOTO JAPAN

3D PHOTO JAPAN is a stereoscopic 3-D photo series ebook. All photos in this ebook are in anaglyph 3-D. You can enjoy these 3-D images using Red-Cyan (Blue) glasses. The first issue in English & Japanese will launch for iPad … Continue reading

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